lettuce wraps


In my last blog about lettuce wraps, I pretty much hopped on my soap box about processed turkey. So I thought I would make a new post about the protein I DO like in my lettuce wraps.

This turkey is local and grass fed, and has no added preservatives or GMO’s, and of course is 100% organic. (That will be the extent of my lecture).

What I love about these wraps, is that I can prepare the filling on Sunday to last me the week, wash my romaine or collard green lettuce leafs, and then just bring an avocado to work and I am set with the easiest lunch/dinner/snack EVER.

On Sunday I cook up the ground turkey, and add corn and tomato to the skillet. Let it go, season it, and package it up once cool.

During the week, Take the lettuce and the filling to your office and keep it in the fridge. That way everyday you just need to bring your avocado!

To prepare, microwave your filling while you prepare your avocado. Spread the filling on however many leaves you want, and top it with a mashed avocado (I add some lemon juice too but you really don’t need to).

Caution: Makes Your Coworkers Salivate




Everyone is so in love with brunch.

I do understand this, to a point. However, because I love to cook, obviously I know I can make brunch the way I want to eat it – for much less – at home. So I do.

There’s something so calming and right about waking up on a Saturday morning, having some coffee, going for a great work out, showering, and then taking your time making an elegant meal. That’s how I like to spend my Saturday and Sunday mornings at least – rather than hung over from the night before, dragging myself out of bed to go to an overpriced bar for more alcohol and greasy food. But hey, maybe that’s just me.

This is one of my personal favorites. It’s an egg white omelet stuffed with veggies topped with pureed tomato and avocado with a side of freshly juiced oranges (2 oranges to 1 apple in your juicer)

My roommate once asked me how I made my omelets so perfect, to which I replied “You put the eggs in the pan, put the heat on low, go do your hair and make up, and when you get back – flip one side over. And it’s true, in the half hour it takes you to blow dry and do your hair, and put on make up – your eggs will be done. The key is to set it low and let it go. Low and Slow

Step 1) Beat your egg whites in a bowl and season with salt, pepper, paprika, and any other herbs you want

Step 2) Spread coconut oil on your pan, and pour your egg mixture in. Set your heat to MED – LOW (But on the low side)

Step 3) Layer in your veggies to cover one side of your pan. Just one side, as you will be flipping the other side on top.

Step 4) Let it go until you know you can easily flip the side over. Do so with a spatula, carefully, but quickly (if you’re too careful you’ll rip it). Let it sit in the pan folded over for another minute or so.

Step 5) Top the omelet with pureed tomatoes and long slices of avocado. MMMMM :)


Remember with omelets, practice makes pretty good.

deviled eggs

As my father says: “There are two types of Greek Yogurt. The Greek Yogurt from Greece, and well, you know.”

Well, this recipe uses the – well, you know.

Step 1) Hard boil the eggs ( Tip 1: For easier to peel eggs, after you hard boil, put them in the fridge for one day) (Tip 2: For a more centered yolk, put the eggs upside down in their egg carton one day before you hard boil)

Step 2) Cut the eggs in half lengthwise, and scoop out the yolk into a bowl

Step 3) Mash the yolk and add in the greek yogurt until creamy

Step 4) Put your filling in your eggs, and top with paprika !

Ta Da!