So it isn’t so much, how to make your own – as why?

“Christi are you crazy? I can just go to the store and buy make up!”

Obviously, I know this. But did you also know that your skin is your largest organ? I bet you did know that – but probably forgot. If you think about it, why should you care so much what you are putting into your body, while completely ignoring what you put on your body? What soaks into your skin can also cause you cancer/other diseases, and shouldn’t be ignored. A great website that details out different make up products and their ingredients/potential dangers is

The link above was my search on MAC make up – because that’s one of the higher end brands, but you can literally type in any make up brand you have and see what it’s score is. After just a little bit of research into this, you’ll see why an all natural make up is the way to go.

You have two options for this – One) A compact form of powder Two) A loose-form of powder.

make up


– Cocoa Powder

– Arrow Root Powder (or corn starch)

-Ceylon Cinnamon Powder (optional)

– An Essential Oil (optional)

Begin with arrow root/corn starch as your base, and then slowly mix in the cocoa powder and cinnamon until you reach your skin tone. To make this a more compact powder, add in a drop or two of an essential oil, and press it down to compact.

I simply use an old powder make up container to store mine and use it more as a loose powder.

This honestly makes your face smell amazing, and covers so well! I got this idea from a blog called wellness mama and you can find this and other great ideas she has here:

I also have used an old eye shadow container, and filled it with cocoa powder and compacted it down with some tea tree oil, and voila – I have a new dark eye shadow for eyebrows, eye liner, and smokey eyes.

Has anyone ever made another type of make up? A DIY lipstick/lipgloss maybe?? I’m going to start experimenting with more types so let me know!


Once I learned about ginger, and all of the health benefits that come from it, I was hooked. Not only is this tea enormously healing, it is absolutely delicious and actually takes precedence for me over apple cider – which is hard to do.

This tea is extremely simple and with just two ingredients: Ginger, and Honey. (Although I like to add lemon, too) The honey is KEY! This will NOT be good without the honey! (And honey is extremely good for you, especially in the winter when your sinuses, throat, and everything is totally dried out) Lemon is optional!


If you don’t have a teapot with a mesh steeper, you can do this in a regular pot (I’ve done it at my parents house a million times). Just cut up your ginger root (peel it if you aren’t using a mesh strainer) and put it in your pot and bring it to a boil. Once boiling, bring it down to a simmer for about 10 minutes. Remove the ginger root from the pot and Pour it into your cup and then add honey. (If you aren’t able to get all of the bits of ginger root but you do have a mesh strainer that you use for pasta, etc. you can pour it through the strainer into your cup) You can NOT microwave this and you can NOT get ginger powder or ginger tea bags from the store it is NOT THE SAME! And just – overall – inappropriate.

And voila – once you have this you will honestly never want anything else in your life.

Not only is this tea delicious, but it has enormous health benefits.

Ginger is an all natural anti-inflammatory. This is great for if you are sick, and we all know I am prone to sinus infections, and no medicine has soothed my headaches like this ginger tea. The honey also soothes and coats your throat which is perfect for winter time when you’re throat becomes dry, or if you have a sore throat. Ginger also has tremendous benefits on the digestion system, and can ease stomach pains, or nausea. See this link for more on the amazing health benefits:

Moreover, this tea is incredibly warming from the inside out – and truly puts all tea packets to shame. The ginger gives it a zing when it goes down so it almost feels like a hot toddy the way it kind of burns when it goes down but you know what John said, it hurts so good.

I live off of ginger tea in the winter or when I feel a sinus infection/cough coming on. My dad was suffering from pneumonia for several weeks this winter through Christmas. He was on TONS of medicine and nothing was able to ease his coughing. I made him some ginger tea – and my father – the ultimate NON BELIEVER came downstairs and the first words he had spoken in 2 weeks were: “That tea really worked.”

Give it a try, I promise you’ll be hooked, too.