Misconceptions About Clean Eating

1) Cutting out processed food limits your diet.

Let me just say, not eating clean, is what limits your diet. When you begin to cook your own food, with real ingredients, you’re eating clean and opening your diet to endless possibilities and combinations.

2) I don’t have the time to go to the store and buy the ingredients and follow the recipe

Look, aint nobody got time for that. My hope through this blog is that it inspires you to ditch the formal recipes and learn to go to the store and pick ingredients and cook them the way you want to – not the way a recipe says. Measuring is important in baking, but you don’t need to measure or follow strict ingredients in cooking – hence, there is no reason for a recipe.

3) I don’t want to slave over a hot stove for my meal – sue me

All I have to say is: Sunday. That’s what the weekend is for! Take a couple hours out of your weekend and make a casserole that will last you the week, cook a soup that you can package up for on-the-go. By pre-cooking and pre-packaging your meals you allow yourself the luxury of just needing to heat up delicious meals. You can even make your own frozen meals, just freeze what you cook!

Far too often I meet people who are intimidated by the idea of making food. This blows my mind because it is literally so simple. There are basic cooking techniques that can be applied to anything – and hopefully through reading my posts you can begin to pick up those basic patterns and open your diet to healing, delicious foods.

4) It takes too long to chop the vegetables

I agree. Using tools such as a Cuisinart, Ninja blender that processes food, or one of those small hand held choppers – you can chop up your veggies in 5 seconds!

5) Okay fine, I can chop fresh food in 5 seconds – but I still have to cook it!

It’s important to remember that Food Cooks Itself you don’t cook food – you supervise it. Put your food in the oven, or on a skillet, and you’re job is pretty much done. So use this time to have a nice glass of wine, talk to someone you love, or put a TV in your kitchen so you can watch your favorite show while monitoring your food. Make this a fun hobby – not a dreaded task!


If you can think of any other misconceptions, or reasons that are preventing you from cooking fresh food, I want to hear about it! Leave a comment below and we can talk about even more ways to conquer those hurdles.


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